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Heart of the Matter interview with Jay Liebenguth and Pat Zimmer Download
David Thomson's recent radio interview with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones is now available for download Download
Hear David give a fascinating account of what it takes for companies to hit the critical billion dollar benchmark on Business of Success Download
Radio interview on The Art of Doing Business with Dayna Steele Download


Blueprint to a Billion Press Coverage

Date Source/Article
February 29, 2008 Business Week Expert Podcast
January 22, 2008 Business Week SMALLBIZ Video
December 4, 2007 SAP Factors Heavily in Blueprint to a Billion
December 3, 2007 SAP Blueprint to a Billion Webcast
August 30, 2007 Chicago Sun Times
August 22, 2007 Industry Week/SAP Webcast
March 15, 2007 TheStreet.com Business Blueprint
September 7, 2006 Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship & Learning
May 1, 2006 NY Times - In Search of … $1B in Revenue
April 27, 2006 Zero to a Billion Cover Story - Fortune Small Business
April 23, 2006 Jim Estill Blog
April 20, 2006 Dalton Leadership - Inside-Outside Leadership Article
March 24, 2006 Sandhill Group - Software Pulse
February 23, 2006 Business of Success Interview

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