The Blueprint Growth Institute Mission and our 7 Essentials Scorecard

The best way to know our business growth strategy is to understand how we are applying the 7 Essentials Scorecard to achieve exponential growth.

After writing the Blueprint to a Billion, David Thomson started The Blueprint Growth Institute in 2006 to focus on a mission: to help companies and business units achieve exponential growth. David and his team are applying their insights into actions in order to turn ordinary companies into exponential growth companies -- that become even better places to work, invest in and reshape our lives.

Today, The Blueprint Growth Institute is quickly evolving into multiple lines of business: keynote speaking, business development advisory and consulting services, and media all backed by a research initiative that is continuously turning out insights for management teams and investors so they can apply the latest insights and actions to achieve exponential growth with returns.

David serves as the Chairman of the Blueprint Growth Institute where he spends his time keynote speaking to management teams and conferences, leading structured business growth workshops and leading CEO panel discussions and interviews.

He also works hard to apply the 7 Essentials Scorecard to the business growth strategy of the Blueprint Growth Institute.

Here is our 7 Essentials Scorecard on how we are applying the 7 Essentials:

Essential #1: Create and Sustain a Breakthrough Value Proposition – What does it take to create "way better" value"?

Our high-order benefit is to increase the probability of success for your company to achieve exponential growth. We have developed the 7 Essentials Scorecard along with a breakthrough line of one day workshops that will efficiently enable management teams to turn the Blueprint insights into actions by utilizing a structured workshop approach to developing a business growth strategy and roadmap. Over 500 companies have applied the 7 Essentials Scorecard and countless 7 Essentials Workshops have been conducted.

In addition, we are executing breakthrough research on the drivers of shareholder value for exponential growth companies. We can uniquely articulate the business growth initiatives and actions required to maximize shareholder value.

Essential #2: Exploit a High Growth Market Segment – Does your market have the potential to create a new billion dollar company?

We definitely have found an exponential growth market! Besides applying this work to thousands of growth companies in North America, the book has just been released across Asia. Why Asia? Asia is now the number one continent for new billion-dollar companies! Yes, there is a Blueprint to a Billion - Global. New research is being initiated on the Blueprint to a Billion – Global to respond to the demand for the global growth insights.

Essential #3: Marquee Customers Shape the Revenue Powerhouse – Are your best customers the source of exponential revenue growth and is your sales force extraordinary?

The list is long for our Marquee Customers. I promise you that if you read the book, you will buy a box to give to your management team and board! Please feel free to view the many testimonials throughout the website. Could we do more – absolutely. We are now on to securing Marquee Customers from around the world…but we are quickly filling this opportunity gap!

Essential #4: Leverage Big Brother Alliances for Breaking into New Markets – Are you leveraging alliances with Big Companies to accelerate growth?

Lloyd Adams, VP Mid-Markets, has been our initial and still largest Big Brother Alliance Partner. Following in the footsteps of SAP is IBM, Tatum, and the Association of Corporate Growth. has been a great partner for distribution of the book. Standard & Poor's is our alliance partner for financial data and research.

Essential #5: Become the Masters of Exponential Returns –Is your company cash-flow positive and achieving high return on investment?

We are not only cash flow positive but are reinvesting over 20%+ of revenues into research and development.

Essential #6: The Management Team: Inside-Outside Leadership – Does your management team make the most of inside-outside leadership skills?

David tends to switch roles at this point. He is inside and outside some days. As the company grows, David will move more to a full time outside role. Various team members and partners complement our team.

Essential #7: The Board: Comprised of Essentials Experts – Is your board balanced with CEOs who have led billion dollar companies along with customers and alliance partners to guide your company to a billion and beyond?

The Blueprint book development leveraged an extensive Board of Advisors that spanned CEOs, investors and academics (see acknowledgements in the Blueprint to a Billion). The core group remains in place today to continue advising on this Blueprint journey.

Our score: 5 out of 7.

We are working to take Marquee Customer marketing and Inside-Outside Leadership to the next level.

Launch of Blueprint Growth Investors, LLC

The Blueprint research is one of the first initiatives to cross over from management fundamentals to investment factors for high growth companies. Standard & Poor’s has worked with Blueprint Growth Investors to quantify leading-edge insights into the fundamental growth factors that identifies Blueprint Companies to invest in. The latest Standard & Poor’s database and backtesting tools are utilized to implement this quantitative approach to investing. The S&P platforms utilize proprietary Blueprint enhancements that assist Blueprint Growth Investors to identify growth company candidates.

Blueprint Growth Investors, LLC’s mission is to create and implement a suite of fundamental growth funds incorporating the quantitative insights derived from the fundamental blueprint investor research; the most significant being identifying companies achieving exponential growth that leads to outperformance of share price relative to market indices. David serves as the Managing Director of the Blueprint Growth Investors, LLC.

Our BLUEPRINT QUARTERLYSM investment advisory services and investment fund management services can be utilized by qualified investors to invest with a goal for capital appreciation with optimized risk return by identifying U.S and Global growth companies with above average exponential revenue and profit growth. In order to comply with regulations applicable to the sale of Interests by the Partnership and applicable to the General Partner and the Investment Manager in connection with the operation of the Partnership, Investors in the Partnership must be “accredited investors” as defined under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), “qualified clients” as defined under the Advisers Act and meet other suitability requirements. The General Partner, at its discretion, may decline to admit any prospective Limited Partner, even it satisfies the suitability requirements, for any reason or for no reason.

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