GROWTHonomics: The Next 800 Companies to Lead America's Growth

Why should focusing on growth be a top or even strategic priority? The simple answer is that the companies that become America's revenue growth leaders will generate millions of new jobs, create positive returns for investors, and contribute significantly to economic value. These are the leaders that will define the impact of and lead the next growth cycle, through 2016 and beyond. They will also affect the revenue stream (taxes paid) of state and federal governments, and generate exports.

This report, by Blueprint Growth Institute (BGII), addresses why and how to create an increasing number of revenue growth companies (businesses with compounding, or exponential, revenue growth). It will be proven that the upside is significant, 3.4 million new jobs to be created through 2016, while the need to act is urgent.  For the first time since 1965, the number of US revenue growth companies in 2010 has dropped below the level of previous recessions. More proof that the conditions for growth are not as robust as they should be.

This research report addresses the following questions:

1. What is the disproportionate impact on employment and revenue growth that America's growth companies create now and can create in the future? What industries and states have the greatest prospects for growth and new employment?

2. Is America on a path to maintain its global leadership for growth companies? Is this leadership position going to change in the foreseeable future?

3. Can the success pattern that has historically made America the #1 country for growth companies be replicated? If so, must any adjustments be made?

GROWTHonomics focuses on defining the growth category between companies at the entrepreneurial stage and corporate titans such as IBM and Proctor & Gamble. That means identifying and then highlighting companies that are achieving exponential revenue growth: from millions to billions. Why 800? This unique number is the forecast for the peak of the number of exceptional revenue growth companies expected at the peak of the next growth cycle in 2016. This set of companies is currently achieving over $2 Trillion in revenues and will create over 3.4 million new jobs through 2016. Their disproportionate impact is the heart of America's growth economy: hence GROWTHonomics.

Due to the number of insights and discoveries, the Summary and Report are in three parts:

Part One identifies the timing and scope of the next growth cycle, what states and industries will lead this cycle, and from where the jobs are being created.

Part Two busts the myth that America will remain a global growth leader because of track record, and identifies that our nation’s growth prospects are at a crucial turning point.

Part Three demonstrates that there is a success pattern to achieving an exponential revenue growth business that can be understood and replicated.

This report is the product of a multi-million-dollar research investment and six years of rigorous quantitative work applying Standard & Poor's databases and tools. Analytical findings were supplemented by insights from over 100 interviews with CEOs, venture capitalists and investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics.


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