Company/Business Unit 7 EssentialsSM Scorecard

Deploy the scorecard across your company's management team as a company-wide 360 degree feedback tool. This unique tool will measure your team's assessment against the key management practices identified in The 7 EssentialsSM Workshop.

It is also important to seek feedback from a broad base of management team members in order to identify your team's consensus of your company's performance against each of the practices identified in The 7 EssentialsSM Workshop.

This report card will 1) provide an overall score for your company along with an automated assessment similar to the Personal Scorecard above, 2) identify the top 10 strengths and areas for improvement across your company and 3) uncover where your management team is "on the same page" and "not on the same page" by looking for concentration and diversity of scores per essential.

The 7 EssentialsSM Scorecard includes an on-line reporting feature that enables clients to not just view their report one time but for the year. The reports are updated in real-time as respondents are added to the database. The respondents for management team scorecards are kept confidential. David Thomson will assign an administrator log-on to a senior executive for the Management Team or Portfolio Heat Map.

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