Personal Assessment of Your 7 Essentials

The Personal Assessment Scorecard is provided free of charge so that you can personally assess your situation against each of the 7 Essentials. Your responses and score is confidential to you alone. We will be providing you an instant score and a link back to your email address so that you can review your scorecard or access the scores.

Please identify which essentials you think your company is exploiting as you assess your company's or business unit performance.When you provide your name and email address, you will hit the "Submit" button. Your summary of the scores for the 7 Essentials will immediately be presented. (Please allow for a moment for processing.)

To turn these insights into actions, consider focusing on the sub-performing essentials critical to unlocking exponential growth and returns. Please utilize the Blueprint to a Billion book as a reference guide. You may also want to consider leveraging the 7 EssentialsSM workshop to create your customized 7 Essentials Roadmap. A brochure is available on the Workshops page of this website.


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