Portfolio of Company or Business Unit Scorecards

If you are a leader (Business Development, CEO/COO, CTO etc) of a multi-billion dollar corporation or a fund (Corporate Venture, Venture Capital, Private Equity) you may will need to measure your portfolio's performance (Business Unit or Company) against the 7 Essentials and IT infrastructure.

Utilize the Portfolio Heat Map to rank the companies in your portfolio by total score and score per essential.

This Portfolio Heat Map will:

  1. Identify top and bottom companies/business units by total score and by essential in order to identify companies with the greatest potential,
  2. identify companies with one or two essentials that need improvement which will unlock exponential growth,
  3. identify poor performing essentials across the portfolio which will identify common areas for improvement and training and
  4. identify the poorest performing companies for structural actions.

This Portfolio Heat Map enables fund managers or Partners to not only view their portfolio but optionally examine the company reports. The respondents within each company remain confidential. The Heat Map is updated in real time as responses are received or new companies are registered.

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