The Champion Attitude Boots Small Biz Makeover Backstory

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The Problem:

The Sanchez's know that they want to grow, but they're not sure how to do so, and they need help with their business plan. Their hiring goals are still fairly ambiguous; they want to tap out of town resources, and they need in-house marketing (currently, there's none). They're also interested in seeking investment money for the first time, having gotten their first loan last year, but they aren't sure where to go. They'd like to maintain their custom business while adding pre-made niche footwear, and they want to open kiosks in shopping centers. To limited capital, this team is constrained on rolling out the kiosk to accelerate revenue growth – hence the need for investment.

What Joey and Priscilla are initiating today:

Joey readily says that the business lacks name recognition and branding. They've only dipped their toe into advertising, investing in a direct mail piece, some Western magazines, and Cheesecake factory menus. Their reputation is built around quality and authenticity rather than the trends.

Finally, their website ( was built in-house. Joey says that they're planning a relaunch in a few weeks (he can show you this at the meeting), and that they're adding interactive options.

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