The Champion Attitude Boots Small Biz Makeover Backstory

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Linking the Essentials is the key to getting this done in half the time with half the energy.


  • Leverage all your employees to create a story for Caboots. Take your designers to your Marquee Customer events. They will learn and sell for you with their talent!
  • Leverage Marquee Customers to sell for you. Leverage their passion, stories and desire to share their and your story with others. Create social and media events to make this easy for you and them. Be clear with what you need for them to do for you and why they will have fun along the way.
  • Leverage a cash flow positive business model to grow by leveraging the payment schedule for your customers. Leverage the values of customization and time to create higher margins that generates cash.

Who should their investors be? The last question on the table. Their CEO Marquee Customers who love their products and who care for them so much that they want to donate their time to help them grow! These are their best potential investors.

I offered to return this summer to get my custom "Blueprint to a Billon" boots and have a visit. For me to get to my billion dollar business from the launch of the book I think I need a great pair of boots. Growing one's business successfully to the next level starts with that important next step. Why not grow with a champion attitude?