7 Essentials Workshop

The 7 EssentialsSM Workshop

Is there a structured approach to a business development growth strategy? This is a question that drew David Thomson to create the 7 EssentialsSM Workshop and 7 EssentialsSM Scorecard in order to provide a structured approach to creating a business development and growth strategy.

There are seven elemental management practices common to exceptional growth within Blueprint Companies, independent of industry. The 7 EssentialsSM elements are the "Blueprint" that management teams, or business development leaders, utilize to achieve exponential revenue growth. In fact, over 90% of Blueprint Companies utilize five or more of the practices identified in the 7 EssentialsSM Workshop. Employing these essential elements will unlock your company's exponential growth potential. Think of these elements as the "seven habits of exceptional growth companies."

This 7 EssentialsSM Workshop is designed to help your company or business unit benchmark how it is currently performing against each of the functions I have identified as key to propelling your organization toward exponential growth — and to create an actionable growth plan to close this gap. The main end-product of the 7 EssentialsSM Workshop will be to develop a 7 EssentialsSM Scorecard and a 7 EssentialsSM Roadmap that will transform your company's growth strategy by benchmarking growth strategies and action plans against each of these key elements. This customized 7 EssentialsSM Roadmap will become your plan to turn these insights into the actions required to achieve exponential growth!

The 7 EssentialsSM Workshop is for standalone public or private companies or business units that want to achieve exponential revenue growth with returns. This one-day workshop is both action oriented and inspirational, with lots of problem solving and discussion. If the workshop is for a small group of 5 or so companies, then typically the CEO and COO/CFO or President of each of these divisions should participate.

USfalcon is a logistics company, primarily serving the US Army that is on a trajectory from a million to a billion: with current revenues of about $50M this company has over $300M in order backlog. Pete shares his experience from the workshop, “The workshop for my board and management team has fortified the business growth roadmap for USfalcon to grow into a billion-dollar business. We like to say, "Think Big, be Big" and "Consider it Done". If you want your business to be big, you need to sign up for the 7 EssentialsSM Workshop," shares Peter Von Jess, CEO, USfalcon.

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