Marquee Customers
The Marquee CustomerSM Workshop

There are certain customers within every industry that can determine the ultimate success of a given business. These customers are the fuel for a company's exponential growth, and they do more than buy from your company. They are an extension of your management team, they give you feedback on your product, they sell to other customers, and they are the foundation of your company’s exponential growth.

Are you experiencing slower than desired revenue growth? Simple questions can have complex answers. However, often obvious gaps are identified when comparing a company against the Blueprint success pattern: Are these gaps appearing in your situation? My one-day Marquee CustomerSM Workshop is designed to help your company or business unit benchmark how it is currently performing against one of the essential functions I have identified as key to propelling your organization toward exponential growth. After fully discussing and analyzing this key ingredient, we will create a practical plan to close any gaps you may have.

The Marquee CustomerSM Workshop will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create a multi-year exponential growth trajectory for the management team to follow, based on the company's or business unit's current trajectory as contrasted with the revenue trajectories of America's highest growth companies. The goal of this discussion will be to develop team consensus on the opportunity gap between your business' performance today and what the best exponential growth companies have achieved....particularly around these key customers.
  2. The Marquee CustomerSM Workshop will develop a roadmap that closes your growth gap. The team will identify and prioritize the top three key customer candidates and leave with a roadmap identifying the key initiatives required to propel good customers into Marquee status.

If your company is being affected by current market conditions, then focusing on recruiting new customers and deepening customer relationships should be a top priority!

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