Dynamic Teamwork

As companies transform from the inflection point of $50M to a multi-hundred million dollar enterprise, the culture must transform from being highly innovative to balancing innovation with process. Our research and experience shows that the management teams face teamwork challenges in order to make this transformation. Your team may be in the middle of these transformations or in need of the shift. If this is the case for you, this workshop can be a compliment to the popular 7 EssentialsSM workshop.

Typically these are symptoms of three interrelated challenges teams and organisations face as they transition through the exponential growth phases:

  1. To achieve overall exponential growth, how well is your management team balancing managing the core business with developing new lines of business?
  2. Is the team transforming from a functional to a matrix or highly dynamic team structure to rapidly execute cross-function opportunities or issues?
  3. Is there a high performance culture and decision making process across the top and mid-level management team that makes decisions that balance fact, intuition and uncertainty?

The workshop will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create a multi-year exponential growth support trajectory for the management team to follow, based on the company's or business unit's current trajectory. Build consensus on the implications of these growth objectives and the actions required to achieve long term exponential growth.
  2. Identify and break the growth barriers associated with balancing innovation for new growth businesses with the processes required to grow the core business. One of these top barriers is creating a dynamic team culture that can move from functional to matrix management along with dynamic teams to capitalize on growth opportunities.
  3. Develop a Dynamic Team Roadmap that closes the gaps between these barriers and what is required to achieve success.

This workshop is coming soon. Currently in development and pilot.

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