Innovate to a Billion

When you are small company and a billion seems a long way off, you aspire to grow your company to the next level – successfully. You may think that your company or association of entrepreneurial companies are different – they have the potential to be exceptional growth. In David's latest talk, he addresses what most entrepreneurial speakers do not – what are the early essentials to achieve exponential growth early? He focuses on what it takes to breakout from being a small company to a "hot growth" company. Leveraging the essentials early is what companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Williams Somoma did when they were less than $100M in revenue. They built a potential billion dollar business early. Whether you're an executive looking to grow your business from a million to a few more million or are reaching your inflection point at $50M and aiming higher, David will layout the roadmap to innovate to a billion. Can it be done? Absolutely. Read how David is applying the 7 Essentials to The Blueprint Growth Institute which is a model for an entrepreneurial business. After presentations to thousands of small businesses looking to innovate to grow, David has found that our potential is limited by our mental models of growth.

Associations such as Young Presidents Organization, Association for Corporate Growth and others have found this keynote invaluable for their members.