Learning from the Masters

How do you prove that companies in different industries share the 7 Essentials in common? What are the most relevant and practical actions that you should utilize to execute the 7 Essentials? Host a panel of billion-dollar CEOs and have David moderate the discussion to focus on each of the essentials as a team. You may think your company is unique, and it is. You will be amazed at how three CEOs, from different industries, share the same language, management practices and techniques for each of the 7 Essentials. This panel discussion is about applying the Blueprint to a Billion approach through the lens of the CEOs who have led their businesses from a million to a billion. The panel discussion can be combined with a short keynote from David or stand on its own. Panel discussions are so interesting and engaging that they are often planned as 2 hour events and run over!

Associations such as Venture Capital Funds, Young Presidents Organization, Association for Corporate Growth and others have found this panel discussion invaluable for their members.